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  • 23% Drama
  • 18% Action
  • 12% Science-Fiction
  • 10% Adventure
  • 6% Crime
  • 6% Fantasy
  • 24% Others
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WoJo wrote a new episode review
20 days ago
Watch Supergirl Online Season 5 Episode 15 Reality Bytes

I for 1 think it was quite a good episode. They shown in a good way how emotionally unstable are those hormone-pumped, ill people, who think they can decide what their biology is. The way they dealt with it is immoral though. They should have send him to a therapy instead of just talking him out of killing that guy, but oh well... it's too much to ask for.

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WoJo wrote a new episode review
a month ago
Watch The Good Doctor Online Season 3 Episode 18 Heartbreak

@christinebaird No. You can make your own easily. But, if you want one to bypass country restrictions... still not, but more difficult to host yourself. Although in that last case it's easier to use a simple proxy or just go with tor.

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